A Champions Journey

A Champions Journey

A Champions Journey
  • Pfl - A Champion’S Journey - Dagestan Rising

    Russia has produced countless elite level champions in mixed martial arts but Dagestan in particular has stood out. They do not quit, born and raised tough. This is the story of Dagestan's champions of MMA.

  • Pfl - A Champion’S Journey – Natan Schulte

    This is the inspiring story of Persistence, the tale of a personal mission that started in Brazil, who goes from struggling to pay rent, and ended with winning back-to-back PFL championships and million-dollar prizes.

  • Pfl - A Champion’S Journey – Kayla Harrison

    Two-time Olympic judo gold medalist Kayla Harrison transitions to MMA and takes on the mission of her first PFL world title. She is not afraid to win and her determination is like no other. She worked her entire life to become the greatest in Judo and she stood on top of the sports world twice bu...

  • Pfl - A Champion’S Journey – Sean O’Connell

    Sean O’Connell steps out from the broadcast booth and fights in the same night, delivering epic knockouts making his way to the $1 million belt. This is Sean O’Connell's journey against the odds.

  • Pfl - A Champion’S Journey – Emiliano Sordi

    Argentina’s Emiliano Sordi learnt the hardest way but it lead to extraordinary triumphs, he unleashes a string of fierce finishes en route to the most dominant season in PFL history.

  • Pfl - A Champion’S Journey – Ray Cooper III

    Hawaiian champion Ray Cooper III battles his way to a $1 million PFL title, from a humble garage to the biggest stage of MMA. He lives by the sword and by fierce loyalty, and he's definitely not afraid of getting knocked out.

  • Pfl - A Champion’S Journey – Lance Palmer

    This is the Journey of a former four-time all-American state champion, Lance Palmer, and how he fought to earn numerous of WSOF belts, back-to-back PFL titles and one million checks.