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Contenders bring you some of the best mixed martial arts action from around the globe. Live from the Epic Studio's in Norwich. These events you wont want to miss. Catch them live and on demand here on our app.

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  • Contenders 24 Kimbo Thinghaugen vs Scott Butters

    Episode 1

    English featherweight Scott “Super” Butters took a huge step up to face well-travelled Norwegian lightweight Kim Thinghaugen in a bid to fast track himself up the unforgiving fistic ladder. Does he succeed in contenders 29 live from the Epic Studios in Norwich?!

  • Contenders 24 Konrad Jaskiewicz vs Baruc Martin

    Episode 2

    Polish featherweight Konrad “Skinnypower” Jaskiewicz and English featherweight Baruc Martin had traded high-level grappling exchanges to fight their way to the end in co-main event of Contenders 24, live from the Epic Studios in Norwich!

  • Contenders 24 Kacper Kozak vs Tariq Pell

    Episode 3

    Contenders 24 brings to you Welterweight fighter Kacper Kozak vs lightweight Tariq Pell live from the Epic Studios in Norwich!

  • Contenders 24 Cameron Cunningham vs Jake Catterall ama

    Episode 4

    Featherweight Cameron Cunningham added grappling and wrestling to his game to try defeat featherweight Jake Catterall in contenders 24 live from the Epic Studios in Norwich!