24 of the country's top professional kickboxers are now heading into the first phase of their training camps as they prepare for the biggest show of its kind in the UK.

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  • Leo Pinto vs Mehdi Zatout ONE Championship

    In a kickboxing bout, veteran World Champion Mehdi Zatout overwhelmed former Lumpinee Stadium Fighter of the Year Leo Pinto to earn the unanimous decision at ONE Championship: NO SURRENDER II

  • Road to glory 2

    24 of the country's top professional kickboxers are now heading into the first phase of their training camps as they prepare for the biggest show of its kind in the UK.

  • KGP 24: Kamil Sojkowski vs Wilker Barros

    Wilker Barros throws many aggressive punches in attempt to earn the KPG belt but Kamil Sojkowski wasn’t afraid to fight back harder. Who succeeded and earned the victory?!

  • KGP 24: Daniel Iliev vs Grzegorz Marko

    The super talented Daniel lliev uses a Short right hand tactic to knock Grzegorz Marko out of his senses, but does he stay down or is Marko strong enough to get back up and earn the KPG belt?!

  • KGP 24: Sarah Worsfold vs Erica Björnestrand

    One of the most game opponents on the KGP line up Sarah Worsfold and the vastly experienced Erica Björnestrand, used such incredible high kicks but who’s skills gets them through to the end to earn the KPG belt?!

  • KGP 24: Amar Naab vs Owen Evans

    Strong right hands are coming straight from Owen Evans causing Amar Naab to fall to the ground on the first round, but it’s not enough to keep him there. Does this encourage Naab to become more aggressive or does it end with him falling back down again?!

  • KGP 24: Tomasz Zdanowski vs Patrick Bryne

    Tomasz Zdanowski lets off some sharp punches towards opponent Patrick Bryne. Will these get him all the way through to the end or will we see Bryne surprise him with his own solid moves?!

  • KGP24: Jamie Petch vs Marlon Gillet

    Jamie Petch starts off with some powerful quick punches but then Marlon Gillet loses his patience and kicks him to the ground with all the strength he has. Is this enough to keep Petch down or does he build his courage to get back up and get revenge?!

  • KGP 24: Raphael Arguello vs Ben Woolliss

    Ben Woolliss uses his Fast, sharp and powerful kicks on his opponent Raphael Arguello but are his moves solid enough to earn a victory?!

  • Jack Purdy vs Havid Jama Contenders 28

    Jack Purdy makes his return to the contender’s cage with a brutal strike to the liver of Havid Jama live from the Epic Studios in Norwich!

  • Jose Rui Sila Lopes vs Sebastian Thrun

    Sebastian Thrun lived up to his ‘Explosive’ nickname by detonating a huge knee to the chin of Jose Lope. Did this impressive move get him to the end in contenders 29 live from the Epic Studios in Norwich?!

  • Grace spicer vs Lara Fernandez

    combat fight series 4

  • 6 BFC 56 Denis Zeuv vs Dmitriy Filonchik

    Denis Zeuv throws some heavy punches towards his opponent Dmitriy Filonchik causing a lot of damage but Filonchik defence mechanisms are helping him get through and fight back harder.

  • 5 BFC 56 Maxim Spodarenko vs Serhii Polihua

    Maxim Spodarenko has the strength to knock Serhii Polihua down in the second-round, but it doesn't stop him from getting back up and keep fighting.

  • 4 BFC 56 Dmitriy Flilippov vs Magomed Makhamaev

    Magomed Makhamaev isn't afraid to go straight in with the intense battle against Dmitriy Flilippov. He lands punches that could potentially knock his opponent out in round one and two, but in round three he slowly gets more tired as Flilippov fights back much stronger. Who is it that keeps their ...

  • 3 BFC 56 Denis Varaxa vs Alexander Korobov

    Alexander Korobov has a preference of trying to defeat Denis Varaxa with his malicious high kicks, but it doesn't always work in his favour as Varaxa's defence mechanisms are stronger than ever.

  • 2 BFC 56 Semen Stupakevich vs Evegniy Fedarynchyk

    Both Stupakevich and Fedarynchyk are throwing vicious punches and shooting damaging high kicks at one another in determination to earn their victory at the BFC 56.

  • 1 BFC 56 Svetlana Spetsian vs Ksenia Nikolaeva

    In rounds one and two, we saw Svetlana Spetsian landing the harder punches and kicks upon Ksenia Nikolaeva. In the third-round, Nikolaeva mounted some offence of her own and had her opponent looking tired.