Kickboxing Grand Prix

Kickboxing Grand Prix

7 Episodes

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Kickboxing Grand Prix
  • KGP 24: Kamil Sojkowski vs Wilker Barros

    Episode 1

    Wilker Barros throws many aggressive punches in attempt to earn the KPG belt but Kamil Sojkowski wasn’t afraid to fight back harder. Who succeeded and earned the victory?!

  • KGP 24: Sarah Worsfold vs Erica Björnestrand

    Episode 2

    One of the most game opponents on the KGP line up Sarah Worsfold and the vastly experienced Erica Björnestrand, used such incredible high kicks but who’s skills gets them through to the end to earn the KPG belt?!

  • KGP 24: Raphael Arguello vs Ben Woolliss

    Episode 3

    Ben Woolliss uses his Fast, sharp and powerful kicks on his opponent Raphael Arguello but are his moves solid enough to earn a victory?!

  • KGP 24: Daniel Iliev vs Grzegorz Marko

    Episode 4

    The super talented Daniel lliev uses a Short right hand tactic to knock Grzegorz Marko out of his senses, but does he stay down or is Marko strong enough to get back up and earn the KPG belt?!

  • KGP 24: Amar Naab vs Owen Evans

    Episode 5

    Strong right hands are coming straight from Owen Evans causing Amar Naab to fall to the ground on the first round, but it’s not enough to keep him there. Does this encourage Naab to become more aggressive or does it end with him falling back down again?!

  • KGP 24: Tomasz Zdanowski vs Patrick Bryne

    Episode 6

    Tomasz Zdanowski lets off some sharp punches towards opponent Patrick Bryne. Will these get him all the way through to the end or will we see Bryne surprise him with his own solid moves?!

  • KGP24: Jamie Petch vs Marlon Gillet

    Episode 7

    Jamie Petch starts off with some powerful quick punches but then Marlon Gillet loses his patience and kicks him to the ground with all the strength he has. Is this enough to keep Petch down or does he build his courage to get back up and get revenge?!