Shogun MMA

Shogun MMA

2 Seasons

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Shogun MMA
  • Blair VS Osher

    Episode 1

    Michael Blair attacks Kieran Oshea with plenty of speed and working the body kicks, using great hands with so much determination to knock him down but will this pay off to get him his victory…

  • Close VS Patterson

    Episode 2

    The battle takes a turn quickly with Alex Close and Martin Patterson when Alex hits viciously from the start to the finish in a way that makes him hard to defeat!

  • Campbell VS Minns

    Episode 3

    Amazing back and forth action coming from both Ryan Campell and Dan Minns and a takedown is a goal for both fighters... but who will do it?!

  • Bonallie VS Zadeh

    Episode 4

    Pk Zadeh dominates against Richie Bonallie making it tough for him to fight back as he puts him tight on the ground throwing aggressive head punches, but will this be enough to win the fight or will Bonallie find a way to escape…?

  • Gustafsson VS Lomas

    Episode 5

    A. Gustafsson is strong with his fists with nothing but determination to win this epic battle but does he succeed or does Shaun Lomas show him better…?

  • Jardine vs Gluch

    Episode 6

    Glen Jardine attempts a spectacular ground and pound on Łukasz Głuch but it’s not clear if he succeeds and finishes him…

  • Hauxwell vs Shuttleton

    Episode 7

    Paul Hauxwell and Eric Shuttleton are both strong fighters and we see them throwing Jabs at the same time making it become an intense fight between them both!

  • Devreught VS Bodnar

    Episode 8

    Quintem DeVreught is consistent with a top position domination with a flurry of punches towards Paul Bodnar, but does this get him his victory or will Bodnar turn it around…?

  • Mukisa VS Power

    Episode 9

    Energetic Jafferson Mukisa is quick on his feet and manages to get Jamie Powers to the ground where he attempts to defeat him with all of his strength and great tactics.

  • Penberthy vs Gamble

    Episode 10

    Day Gamble comes out very hard and strong looking for a quick finish, but Luke Penberthy has the same in mind. The fight didn’t last long but who gained a victory?!

  • Gilbert VS Loucaides

    Episode 11

    Cleovoulos Loukaidis fires a hard shot at Bailey Gilbert putting him on his back, causing damage but not enough for him to give in as Gilbert stays strong and fights back harder.

  • Lowson vs Nunn

    Episode 12

  • Woodend VS Meires

    Episode 13

    Kristers Meiers comes in the cage showing domination straight away using his tactical moves against Andrew Woodend, fighting him to the ground and getting into a position where it makes it hard for Woodend to move. Does he end up getting out or is it just too much for him to escape…?

  • Walker vs Randal

    Episode 14

    Shaun Randall manages tries to do the impressive rear naked choke move on Ross Walker but unfortunately for him Walker gets away and pulls some tricks out of his sleeve to get his revenge!

  • Smith VS Zlatev

    Episode 15

    Shay Smith has strength like no over and manages to stay in top position over Nikolata Zlatev after he tackled him to the ground, but the question is did he persevere through to the end or did Zlatev stop him?

  • Stronge VS Ellison

    Episode 16

    Jordan Stronge impressively steps right in going for the rear naked choke towards Gary Ellison, aiming for a quick finish, but does he do it?!

  • Stephenson VS Ferreira

    Episode 17

    Jamie Stephenson gets several hits in the face by Jocimar Ferreira, taking him by surprise and not giving him chance to retaliate due to the damage being inflicted on him…

  • Roldan VS Tholel

    Episode 18

    Youssef Tholel and Andrés Roldan are both strong fighters who are in a consistent battle on the ground fighting for the top position and domination, but will fall weak and not make it to the finish line…?

  • Simpson VS McWilliams

    Episode 19

    Charlie Simpson is so quick on his feet he impressively high kicks Sam McWilliams to the head and knocks him to the ground. This is unlucky for McWilliams, but it doesn’t stop there and he continues to fire back!