Shogun MMA 2

Shogun MMA 2

Shogun MMA 2
  • Mindaugas Gerve Pre Fight Interview vs Tony Mustard

    Mindaugas Gerve, the 6ft 10" monster, take on Tony Mustard for the Shogun mma heavyweight world title. The action takes place July 13th From Co. Durham, England

  • Tony mustard interview for Shogun mma 2 vs Mindaugas Gerve

    Tony Mustard take on Mindaugas Gerve for the Shogun mma heavyweight world title. This is a rematch of their Bellator mma fight and Mustard is coming for revenge.

  • Tim Wise Interview for Shogun mma 2

  • Interview with Shogun MMA Promoters

    The promoters of Shogun MMA came to the MMA TV offices to talk about their upcoming event Shogun MMA 2.

  • Andy Nunn vs Niall Hall Nixon

    Niall Hall Nixon is looking for a quick finish with his quick and hard punches, catching Andy Nunn with a left hook but he is tough and keeps going. Will Nunn stay strong or is Nixon too strong to defeat?!

  • Lee Carnall vs Tony Dodds

    Lee Carnell gives everything he’s got to defeat Tony Dodd’s on the ground, but Dodd’s manages to get back on his feet and gets revenge with some amazing high kicks and a damaging shot to the liver. Is this the end for Carnell or does he manage to fight back harder?!

  • Jack Quinn vs Gabrial Anderson

    Jack Quinn shows Gabrial Anderson some quick movements and epic right hands making Anderson having to watch his back at every angle, but he continues to fight back harder!

  • Nina Reid vs Nicola Knight

    Nina Reid manages to take down Nicola knight giving the audience the impression that she will finish it, but knight shocks us all and amazingly gets back on her feet to try get revenge. Will she do it or did Reid already score too many points when she performed her take down…

  • Jamie Hunter vs Myles Brown

    Myles Brown and Jamie Hunter is in a constant aggressive battle with both attempting to take down one another. Two strong fighters but who will be the one to earn a victory?!

  • Jafferson Mukisa vs Macauley Gascoigne

    Jafferson Mukisa manages to kick Macauley Gascoigne to the ground with all of his force. Big left hands, strong punches are all coming his way making it hard for Gascoigne to fight back. Does he manage to build his strength up or is it just too much for him to handle?!

  • Jack Hardy vs James Bunten

    James Bunten attempts a rear naked choke on his opponent Jack Hardy… does he succeed and earn his victory?!

  • Connor Percival vs Liam Hard

    Liam Hardy goes all in on the high kicks towards Connor Percival from the start but then both fighters hit with full power making it an intense battle that you can’t take your eyes off.

  • Sadler vs Ryan Desmier

    Ryan Desmier is determined for a takedown, but Dale Sadler consistently defends it as he is impressively pulls away and uses all of his strength. Does he manage to break free or is desmier too powerful for him?!

  • Kamil Filipowicz vs Ryan Kirton

    Kamil Filipowicz shocks Kirton with a low calf kick three times in a row and performs a smashing body slam, but that doesn’t stop Kirton as he tackles him to the ground attempting ground and pound. Who makes it to finish line…?

  • Robbie Brown vs Henry Corrigan Title Fight

    Robbie Brown is determined to take down Henry Corrigan but he fights back with some powerful shots while still struggling on the floor. Its an intense battle for the both of them and neither of them are giving up too easily.

  • Paul Elliott vs Jan Lysak

    Paul Elliott slams Jan Lyask to the cage wall and goes hard with his tactical moves but does he manage to defeat Lyask or will he take him by surprise…?

  • Claire Lopez vs Anna Astvik

    Anna Astvik has some great tactical moves to show off but Claire Lopez manages to perform an astounding double leg making the fight become too interesting!

  • George Hardwick vs Robin Roos

    George Hardwick is in a constant battle on the ground but doesn’t give up, using his heavy punches to the head towards Robin Rose and turns it around by putting him in a body lock making it hard for him to escape. Does he manage to break through or is Hardwick just too strong for him…?

  • Tim Close vs Jamie Lee McGraffin Title Fight

    Tim Close goes straight for the takedown to earn the welterweight title so is this going to be an early finish, or will Jamie Lee McGraffin show him otherwise?!

  • Tony Mustard vs Mindaugas Gerve Title Fight

    Tony Mustard and Mindaugas go face to face for the heavyweight title where Gerve throws a big right hand but it’s not enough for Mustard to backdown. Which one of these talented fighters will be the one to earn a victory?!

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