Victory Fights 5

Victory Fights 5

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Victory Fights 5
  • Shaun Fraser VS Shuan Maroof

    Shaun Fraser has proved to be such a powerful man as he performs an incredible head kick and jab towards Shuan Maroof but he will need to keep going in order to earn a victory…

  • Lucy Turner VS Bunnie Georgiou

    Bunnie Georgiou stays consistent throughout and throws a big left hook on Lucy Turner but that doesn’t stop her from firing back!

  • Shamus Stylianou VS Toby Kitchener

    Knees to the side and big punches comes from Shamus Stylianou when Toby Kitchener is down to the ground but maybe he is strong enough to turn it around and get back on to his feet??

  • Manny Boom Bam VS Korrel Kennedy

    Manny Boom Bam uses all of his strength to choke Korrel kennedy out but can he keep this position or is Kennedy too strong to allow this to happen?!

  • Kyran Hawkins VS Damian Carbol

    We see fantastic body work from Kyran Hawkins especially with the knees, but Damian Carbol is not backing down and is determined to keep fighting back harder!

  • Lewis Correia VS Brendan Young

    At some point in the fight it relocates to the floor where both Lewis Correia and Brendan Young are very active on the ground making it hard to predict which one will earn the victory!

  • Kebrom Gebregiorigis VS Kyle Willians

    Big shots and hard kicks are firing from both Kebrom Gebregiorigis and Kyle Williams with consistent exchanging of forceful punches in a battle to earn a victory!

  • Jack Minter VS Joe Montague

    Joe Montague and Jack Minter is in a constant battle attempting to take down one another and then exchanging positions on the ground but who will be the one to maintain the position at the top and finish the fight?!

  • Elise Watson VS Sarah Casey

    Elise Watson and Sarah Casey makes the fight super interesting by the consistent exchanges of hard punches to the head. It’s an intense battle and very hard to predict who will win!

  • Declan Marshall VS Arron Top Dog

    Declan Marshall attempts to gain his victory by maintaining the top position on the ground and aims to put Arron Top Dog in a magnificent armbar. Does he do it though or is Top Dog too strong?

  • Adan Bushashy VS Bachir Fakhouri

    Bachir Fakhouri isent afraid to throw powerful punches but always looking for one big shot against Adan Bushashy, but does he make it in the end?!

  • Bill Mogford VS Jack Colenut

    Jack Colenut and Bill Mogford is in a tough battle using all their strength to take each other down but who will fail and be defeated in this intense lightweight division?!

  • Arman Shogun Shojaian VS Tom Phancharat

    Tom Phancharat surprises Arman Shogun Shojaian with a powerful punch to the face making him weak to the knees but is it enough to finish him off?!

  • Aftab Miah VS Matteo Capobianco

    It’s an intense battle between Aftab Miah and Matteo Capobianco where we see aggressive knee kicks and powerful punches towards one another, with Capobianco getting pushed to the ground with a lot of force but he may just be brave enough to get back up and seek revenge!