Victory Fights

Victory Fights

5 Seasons

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Victory Fights
  • Adetayo Duroshola vs Lewis Scothron Victory Fights, Brighton Sussex

    Episode 1

    Heavy kicks are being exchanged from both Adetayo Duroshola where he is doing amazing with the knees and Lewis Scothron who is getting the better with him with the punches but who is strong enough to win?!

  • Aftab Miah vs Linas Meistebicius -Victory Fights 2

    Episode 2

    Aftab Miah is very cool clam and collective but Linas Meistebicius shocked everyone in the building knocking Miah to the ground showing everyone his wild side!

  • Bill Mogford vs Louis Smithson -Victory Fights 2

    Episode 3

    Bill Mogford has power with every strike using a spinning back kick against Louis Smithson knocking him the ground. Does Smithson stay down or does he build his courage to fight back harder in revenge?!

  • Charlie Harris vs Joey Terroni -Victory Fights

    Episode 4

    Charlie harris aimed some big shots hitting Joey Terroni with surprise and causing him too much damage. Will this damaged being inflicted upon Terroni be enough to keep him down though?!

  • Daniel Vortiah .vs Jerome Martello - Victory Fights, Brighton Sussex

    Episode 5

    Brilliant Accuracy from Daniel Vortiah with his tactical moves but incredible straight shots with Jerome Martello so who will be the one to earn a victory?!

  • Denny Sheehan vs. Nathan Phillpott at Victory Fights, Brighton Sussex

    Episode 6

    Nathan Phillpott took some big heavy punches from Denny Sheehan causing him to have a lot of damage. Is this the end of Phillpott or does he continue to fight back with everything he has got?!

  • Janie Morgan vs Rachel Levene-Victory Fights 2

    Episode 7

    Janie Morgan was too technical with lots of heavy shots and confidence building with every moment making Rachel Levene take some big hits early, but she gritted through to the end. Did Morgan manage to earn a victory or did Levene take her by surprise?!

  • Kerry Newman vs Sammi Marten -Victory Fights

    Episode 8

    Kerry Newman keeps up with long shots to the body and stops Sammi Marten coming in. Marten isn’t afraid to go in with the big punches and impressive right hands!

  • Lucy Turner vs Megan Paterson -Victory Fights 2

    Episode 9

    Technical and powerful fighters Lucy turner and Megan Paterson puts on an incredible fight in attempt to earn their victory but who will it be?!

  • Elia Dewu vs Daniela Miranda -Victory Fights 2

    Episode 10

    Elia Dewu and Daniela Miranda has gone to war! Dewu is constantly pushing Miranda away but a lot of success is coming from Miranda in this round with her incredible forceful moves!

  • Rafal Kaminski vs Dan Collins -Victory Fights 2

    Episode 11

    Dan Collins performs a big head kick on his opponent Rafal Kaminski so is it powerful enough to knock him to the ground or just not enough for the talented Kaminski?!

  • Adam Amarasinghe vs Andrew Mendes -Victory Fights 2 Main Event

    Episode 12

    Adam amarasinghe was like a shark smelling the blood of Andrew Mendes landing the right hand over and over again but does Mendes get back up or is it too much force for him to fight back?!

  • Jeffrey Almeida vs Kacper Wrobel Amateur Featherweight MMA Title

    Episode 13

    Jeffrey Almeida put an impressive armbar on Kacper Wrobel but he did not tap! Who had the most tactical and powerful moves to win the featherweight MMA title?!