Victory Fights

Victory Fights

5 Seasons

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Victory Fights
  • Victory Fights 4 Darren Castleton v Aaron Laleye

    Episode 1

    Big punches comes from Aaron Laleye causing a lot of hurt and damage on Darren Castleton but is it enough to earn him a victory?!

  • Victory Fights 4 George Davies v Rhys Brudenell

    Episode 2

    A war from start to finish from George Davies and Rhys Brudenell, with continuous swinging from Davis and big body hits from Brudenell!

  • Victory Fights 4 sal ale v Tanith Colburn

    Episode 3

    Tanith Colburn has great success going straight down the middle to the body and spinning kicks and some amazing right hand throws from Sal Ale, but who’s tactics are strong enough to earn them a victory?!

  • Victory Fights 4 Will Drayson v Kadeem Perkins

    Episode 4

    Kadeem Perkins has such powerful and successful punches with many take- down attempts but does it take the energy out of him or can he keep going to win this intense fight against Will Drayson?!

  • Victory Fights 4 Mason Herring v Theodore Sylla

    Episode 5

    Theodore Sylla showed Mason Herring an unexpected side, chopping his left leg down and causing damage, but is it enough to make him stay down?!

  • Victory Fights 4 Declan Marshall v Dan Long

    Episode 6

    Declan Marshall gets everyone’s attention when he continuously throws some harsh hits at Dan Long but does he keep going to finish the fight with a knockout?!

  • Victory Fights 4 Ben Etheridge v Amine Debour

    Episode 7

    Amine Debour pulls some incredible punches out of his sleeve in full determination to earn a victory against Ben Etheridge!

  • Victory Fights 4 Gregory Landel v Jeffery Almeida

    Episode 8

    Impressive Head kicks coming from Jeffrey Almeida and throws everything at Gregory Landel, using a big over-hand right punch towards the end in desperation to finish him off, but does he make it?!

  • Victory Fights 4 Cecily Davis v Suzanne Wilson

    Episode 9

    Suzanne Wilson attempts an almighty standing arm triangle against her opponent Cecily Davis. Can she hold it and manage to finish the fight or is Davis strong enough to turn this epic war around?!

  • Victory Fights 4 Dan Morely v Darshan Chandler

    Episode 10

    Darshan Chandler performs some spectacular knee kicks and forceful throws but Dan Morely continues to fight back and is determined to not let him win this incredible fight!

  • Victory Fights 4 Danika Rudman v Bunnie Georgiou

    Episode 11

    Nothing but amazing exchanges coming from female fighters Danika Rudman and Bunnie Georgiou so who has got what it takes to win?!

  • Victory Fights 4 Claudia Herrington v China Bajerski

    Episode 12

    China Bajerski has success through the battle using long punches with great defence skills against Claudia Herrington, who has her own tactical moves that does her a big favour to fight to the end!

  • Victory Fights 4 Evgenijs Volkovs v Dan Collins

    Episode 13

    Evgenijs Volkovs is constantly under attack from Dan Collins with a mixture high kicks to the head, and low kicks to the stomach making it difficult for him to fight back, but could he prove us wrong and turn things around…

  • Victory Fights 4 Dale Hoare v Adnan Bushashy

    Episode 14

    It is an intense battle between Dale Hoare and Adnan Bushashy with both pushing through to the end, where we some amazing moves from both talented fighters!

  • Victory Fights Featherweight Kickboxing Title - Dom Coleman v Daniel Vortiah

    Episode 15

    Two brave talented young fighters Dom Coleman and Daniel Vortiah fighting for the featherweight title. Coleman is very active meanwhile Vortiah does an amazing job at changing angles but who will proof to be the best and earn a victory?!

  • Victory Fights Welterweight MMA Title - Kye Stevens v Henry Grimble

    Episode 16

    Phenomenal boxing from young fighter Kye Stevens showing Henry Grimble a different combination of moves which have such power in them, in determination to finish the fight and earn the welterweight MMA title!

  • Victory Fights Pro Flyweight MMA Title - Mitchell Johnson v Elliot Hoye

    Episode 17

    Mitchell Johnson was caught by surprise from Elliot Hoye with the impressive attacks that came his way. Did Hoye get crowned the Flyweight champion or did something get in his way to stop it from happening?!